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ALFA Network is a world-famous manufacturer of Wi-Fi equipment. The main advantage of ALFA USB adapters is their high output power, which allows you to connect to remote Wi-Fi networks with a weak signal. ALFA USB adapters are based on Atheros, RaLink and RealTek chips, which work in all popular standards of the 802.11 family — a, b, g, n and ac, and there are also dual-band models that support 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. ALFA USB Adapters have the ability to connect high-gain antennas, thereby further increasing the range. Adapters are very popular with those who go on vacation to hotels with a weak WiFi signal, with sailors, as they provide a high-quality signal 15 km from the coast, in offices, in the private sector, as well as among road enthusiasts. The newest Tube U4G product line allows you to access the Internet wherever there is a mobile network coverage.


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