• Alfa Network

    Alfa Network

    ALFA Network is a world-famous manufacturer of Wi-Fi equipment. The main advantage of ALFA USB adapters is their high output power, which allows you to connect to remote Wi-Fi networks with a weak signal.

  • Cambium Networks

    Cambium Networks

    Cambium Networks is the global leader in proven wireless network access solutions.

  • MikroTik


    Mikrotik devices include hAP, cAP, wAP wireless access points, CCR Cloud Core wired and wireless routers, CSS Cloud Smart managed switches, fibre optic equipment and more.

  • Mimosa Networks

    Mimosa Networks

    Mimosa Networks is a global technology leader in wireless broadband solutions providing high-speed communications for service providers, as well as corporate, industrial and government operators around the world.

  • RF Elements

    RF Elements

    RF Elements technology solves the noise problem in general. RF Elements focuses on significant energy flow in space, using antennas with extremely accurate and appropriate radiation properties, equipped with a virtually loss-free TwistPort connector.

  • Teltonika


    Teltonika is a leading network solutions company. Teltonika offers a wide range of GPS trackers, including personal monitoring devices.

  • Ubiquiti


    Ubiquiti Networks is a world leader in the design and manufacture of low-cost network equipment for wireless internet service providers that allows you to broadcast Wi-Fi over long distances.

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