Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer


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Fusion splicer | 7800mAh battery | LED lamp | LCD 5,1 | Sic motors |
Core alignment | 5 seconds fast splicing | Built-in Power Meter and 
VFL (Visual Fault Locator) | Remote control

MVR 30,000.00 MVR 35,000.00

2 in stock (can be backordered)

Signal Fire is a dynamically developing company specializing in the manufacture of fiber optic splicers. Headquartered in Chengdu, it employs nearly 200 professionals. The devices are built with top-of-the-line components from renown manufacturers (including European ones), and based on technological solutions protected by numerous patents. The characteristic feature of splicing machines from Signal Fire is the use of smartphones for their configuration, archiving of operation data and for diagnostics. Products of this company have gained recognition in the markets of the whole world.

AI-8, AI-8C, AI-9 models employ core alignment technology (there is option of cladding alignment) that ensures minimum attenuation of the splices. Fiber ends are positioned by 6 stepper motors from Siemens, which is an absolute exception in this price category. The splicers can be used both for deployment of hundred-kilometer-long fiber optic trunks and in FTTH systems requiring short point-to-point connections, in LAN installations and fiber-based video surveillance systems. All models are controlled by a quad-core processor providing fast response times (the splicer is ready to work after 3 seconds) and ensuring short splicing and sleeve heating operations. The splicer are one of the fastest devices of its kind currently available on the market and the fastest in its price class.

AI-9 is the latest model from the line of optical fiber splicers, which have been successfully used in fiber optic installations of various categories for several years. Thanks to the fine-tuning of the software and an even better optimization of the splicing process, the entire process has been shortened to just 5 seconds. However, the most important feature of the new model is built in optical power meter module and visual fault locator . This allows for quick diagnostics of the optical path immediately after making a splice.

5.1-inch screen with resolution of 800×480 pixels and adjustable brightness makes the operation simple and intuitive, even in difficult lighting conditions. The optical system offers magnification factor of 300, making it very easy to observe the splicing operations and visual analysis of the results (in two planes). The minimum splicing time is 5 seconds, and sleeve heating time (40 mm sleeves) is only 15 seconds. The included USB adapter allows to charge the smartphone or connect USB lamp powered from the USB port when working in the dark (no lamp included).
  • 6 motors for fiber positioning,
  • core alignment or cladding alignment options,
  • AUTO mode option,
  • x300 magnification factor,
  • quad-core processor providing fast response times,
  • splicing time from 5 seconds,
  • quick sleeve heating period (15 s for 40 mm sleeve),
  • configuration with dedicated smartphone app (Android/iOS),
  • the app can create operation reports (export to xls),
  • large (5.1”) display with adjustable brightness,
  • metal casing underneath covered with rubber layer,
  • high-capacity exchangeable battery (7800 mAh, ca. 200 splicing and heating operations),
  • battery charging time: ca 3.5 h,
  • USB adapter for smartphone charging,
  • universal fiber holders,
  • high quality practical toolbox,
  • large set of accessories.

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